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Current Role

I am currently a Senior Data Science Fellow and Director of Open Software at the University of Washington eScience Institute. In this role, I spend much of my time facilitating connections between researchers across UW's campus, as well as teaching and advocating for open and reproducible research practices. Additionally, I invest time in supporting, developing, and maintaining various open source scientific and data science packages in the Python world. Through all of this, I enjoy working on the statistical and computational methodologies that are helping push forward astronomical research in the era of ever-growing datasets.


After completing my undergraduate studies in Physics at Calvin College, I took a few years off before returning to academia. In those years I lived in Sendai, Japan, where I taught English at a non-profit student center, then returned to the US and spent two years as an outdoor educator with Mount Hermon Outdoor Science School (just outside Santa Cruz, CA) and Summit Adventure (just outside Yosemite). Those two years working and teaching outdoors among the Redwoods, Sequoias, granite peaks, and dark skies rekindled my interest in science in general, and Astronomy in particular. I began my doctoral studies at the UW in 2006, finishing in 2012, after which I had two short post-doc appointments before joining the eScience Institute in 2014. When not working on my research, I enjoy growing food in my garden, eating that food in large quantities, traveling, experiencing the world through my daughter's eyes, and occasionally escaping to the mountains for long trail-runs.

Past Projects

I started my PhD with a vague interest in cosmology, and a hope to land in an institution with the resources to learn more. UW offered plenty of opportunities in that area.